Nacogdoches is a town in eastern Texas, considered to be the twin or sister town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. 

It was inhabited by the Caddo Indians until the 19th Century. The first permanent fortification there was a Spanish mission built in 1716.

Today, the town is known for having the largest azaelea garden in Texas, pictaresque downtown streets, and historic houses.

People Born in Nacogdoches

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Nacogdoches in People's Lives

Sam Houston: Fleeing political scorn and an order to pay a fine of $500 to my enemy William Stanbery, I decided in 1833 to relocate in Mexico, as this town was then a part of. I asked my wife Tiana, an Americanized Cherokee Indian, to come with me, but she declined. However, I unable to stay out of politics, and soon found myself the official Representative of Nacogdoches, promoting the position that Texas should become independent from Mexico, considered quite a radical viewpoint for an American settler to take up. I was soon made Major General of Texas, in 1835, and was at last able to use my power to aid native Cherokee Indians. 

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