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Muskogee is a town in eastern Oklahoma. It is the 11th largest city in its state, located on the Arkansas River. 

It was established as a temporary village by French fur traders in 1809, though the first permanent settlement was founded in 1817.

Today, Muskogee is known for being hotter and more humid than average Oklahoma weather, as well as for being the location of Bacone College.

People Born in Muskogee

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Muskogee in People's Lives

John Ridge: In 1835, directly after signing the Treaty of New Echota - which stated that I agreed to support removing my Cherokee people from their land in Georgia and the southeast - my family and I relocated here, believing that we should be examples. Though the treaty would soon begin a brutal and tragic removal that would later become known as the Cherokee Trail of Tears, I truly believed that I had done the best thing for my people, seeing that remaining in our old lands, we would never be able to exist peacefully with the white men. My family and I moved into a house with quite a lot of land here, which I named Honey Creek. In 1839, the treaty took effect, and the removal process began, met with hatred and outraged directed toward me. In June of 1839, my home was broken into by 25 men. I was stabbed a total of 48 times, had my chest jumped on and broken, and was kicked repeatedly. My wife Sarah and my children were forced to watch. Before the night was over, the men would also move on to kill my cousin and father. And so I died here, at the age of 36, a politician who had made the wrong choice in a world where Cherokees were not given any choices at all.

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