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Mulheim is a city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany. It was first mentioned in history in 1093.

Today, Mulheim is known for its green appearance, being surrounded by lush forests.

People Born in Mulheim

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Mulheim in People's Lives

William Penn: While on a missionary voyage here in 1678, I recieved word from a young lady that lived with her widowed father, a Count, in the castle. She was greatly interested in my Quaker teachings, and became an ardent pupil through letters, but her father was against this, largely due to the persecution of Quakers at the time. He eventually forced her to cease contact with me. I decided to pay a visit to the castle in the hopes of meeting the young lady in person and urging her to remain strong in her new faith. However, her father happened to be walking in the gardens and suspiciously greeted me. He realized that I was a Quaker when I did not take off my hat, and so guessed who I must be. He shouted some very harsh words at me, and commanded me to leave. I did so, but still continued writing to the young lady, who told me that she considered herself converted to the Quaker faith.

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