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Mount Vernon is a historic estate and plantation close to Alexandria, Virginia, located on the Potomac River. Most famously, it was the home built by George Washington and lived in by himself and his family.

It was built by Washington in stages from 1758 - 1778.

It is now open to the public and considered to be a historic monument.

People Born in Mount Vernon


Mount Vernon in People's Lives

Martha Washington: After marrying George Washington in 1759, we moved here to live. The house was still under construction, but beautiful. We had a happy marriage, and I supported my husband through his rise to power in the Continental army. Though we had no children of our own, we raised the two children from my past marriage (one of whom died in the war), and also provided financial support to other family members. I lived a quiet and genteel life as queen of a cluster of lucrative Virginia plantations. For eight years, I loyally traveled to visit my husband's armies in the winters. However, when he shared with me his intentions to become President, I was against it, and refused to attend his inauguration in 1789. Eventually, however, I accepted my role as the wife of the President, and spent much of my time in New York and Philadelphia, though I often came to visit here, and preferred it to anywhere else. I died here in 1802, at the age of 70.