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Morristown is a town in northern New Jersey. During the Revolutionary War, it was deemed the "Military Capital of the American Revolution."

The land on which the town is located was inhabited by the Leni Lenape Indians for over 6,000 years prior to European settlement. The first Europeans to inhabit the area were Swedish and Dutch fur traders in the early 17th Century. Morristown was permanently settled in 1715, and was named after New Jersey's governor, Lewis Morris. Morristown later played an integral part in the Revolutionary War.

Today, the town is known as one of the most beautiful in New Jersey, admired for its pictaresque downtown area, history, National historic landmarks, large historic state park dedicated to Revolutionary War history, mansions, and upscale living areas.

People Born in Morristown

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Morristown in People's Lives

Samuel Morse: I famously made my first public demonsration of the electric telegraph here, at my colleague Alfred Vail's ironworks plant, in 1838 on January 11th. 

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