Monterrey is a city in eastern Mexico, the capital and largest city of the Nuevo Leon state. It is Mexico's 3rd-largest metropolitan area and its 9th-largest city. It is among Mexico's wealthiest cities, and ranked the 63rd wealthiest in the world.

In the 16th Century, Spanish conquistadors explored this valley and established a town here, thought it had to be abandoned and rebuilt at least once due to Native attacks.

Today, Monterrey is known for its prosperity, for its beautiful valley location amongst mountaintops, its nearby hiking and waterfalls, for how "Americanized" it is, for its history, and successful commerce.

People Born in Monterrey

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Monterrey in People's Lives

Lety Sahagun - I attended university here, at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, from about 2008 - 2012.

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