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Montagnola is a small village in southern Switzerland, located on Lake Lugano close to the Italian border. It overlooks the city of Lugano.

It was first mentioned in history in 1226, and was in the Middle Ages the site of a powerful monastery.

Today, Montagnola is known for its gem-like natural setting, beautiful scenery, tropical peacefulness, lakefront, mountains, and local American boarding school.

People Born in Montagnola


Montagnola in People's Lives

Hermann Hesse: After having wandered about and moved often from place to place for all my life, often feeling like someone without roots or any true place to belong, I found my home here. I moved here in May of 1919. At the time, I was 42 years old, a successful writer, and had just a few months ago gone through the shattering of my family, seperating from my wife and seeing my children given over to relatives. I rented four rooms at the Casa Camuzzi, a castle-like building. I lived here for the remainder of my life, and furthered my writing, took up watercolor painting, and enjoyed peaceful and long strolls through the beautiful scenery here. I also grew more spiritual and reflective, and this showed in my writings. In 1922, I published my most famous work, Siddhartha, to enormous success. The next year, I finally officially recieved my Swiss citizenship. I married my second wife, Ruth, in 1924, but our marriage was never a happy one, and we soon seperated, around 1926. In 1931, I married my third wife Ninon, who had been living with me since 1927. She became my muse and the love of my life, and greatly inspired my writing and painting. After our marriage, Ninon and I moved out from the Casa Camuzzi and built our own house on the outskirts of this town, which we called Casa Hesse. In 1946, I was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. After the publication of my last novel, The Glass Bead Game, in 1943, I did not write any more full length books, but rather short stories, poetry, and non-fiction. I also devoted an enormous amount of time responding by hand to letters that I recieved from fans every day. I died of old age in August of 1962, at the age of 85, with my loving wife beside me. I was buried in a cemetary at the San Abbondio here.

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