Hot-air balloons over Mondovi, Italy
Mondovi is a town in the region of Piedmont in northwestern Italy, located about 50 miles from Turin in the Monte Regale hills.

It was founded as "El Mont ed Vi" in 1198, after a nearby village was destroyed and inhabitants sought a safer geographical town location on a hilltop. However, it turned out that its valuable location only made it more prone to attacks, and throughout the Middle Ages it was often being invaded, destroyed, or occupied. In the 16th Century, it was the largest city in the region of Piedmont.

Today, Mondovi is known as a beautiful Italian town, with sweeping mountain views of red rooftops and the valleys below. It is renowned for its medieval walls and towers, churches, architecture, history, and hot air ballooning events.

People Born in Mondovi

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Mondovi in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: I commanded and won the Battle of Mondovi here in 1796, against Sardinian forces led by Michelangelo Alessandro Colli-Marchi, who was in fact Austrian. After a few days of maneuvering about the hillsides, the enemy was driven back and eventually fled in the night. The town itself gave my army large distributions of food and supplies in order not to be looted. This victory was a major one - it effectively gave me the region of Piedmont. France had been trying to claim the region for 3 years, while I take swept in and taken over Piedmont in a mere three weeks.

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