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Miramichi is a town in the province of New Brunswick in eastern Canada, located at the mouth of the Miramichi River and on the Miramichi Bay. 

Formerly inhabited by the Mi'kmaq Indians, the first European settlement here was Fort Fronsac in 1648, as a part of New France. 

Today, the town is known for its signature bridge, riverfront and bayfront, and salmon fishing.

People Born in Miramichi

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Miramichi in People's Lives

Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook: My family moved here in 1880, when I was one year old, after my father accepted a job as minister of another church here. I consider this my true home, and I grew up here. We moved to the Newcastle neighborhood of this town. I grew up amongst my many siblings, and was described as a "bright but idle boy." I was mischievous and clever, and attended the local town school, where I put far more effort into pulling pranks than into my studies. At the age of 13, I established a school newspaper called The Leader. I kept myself busy with my own paper, and also delivered local papers and sold newspaper subscriptions. While still in high school, I became a correspondant for the St. John Daily Star. In 1897, at the age of 18, I applied to Dalhousie University, but refused to participate in the Greek and Latin tests, and so I was rejected. I then moved to Fredericton to attend the University of New Brunswick law school.

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