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Minusio is a town in the district of Locarno in southern Switzerland, located on Lake Maggiore close to the Italian border. 

It was once the site of a major city around the 6th Century BC. There is also evidence of Roman settlement around the 1st Century AD. The town's first mention in history was in 1061, as "Menuxio." During the Middle Ages, it was a German village known as "Maniss."

Today, Minusio is known for its peaceful atmosphere, riverfront and mountainside location, tropical flair unusual for Swiss towns, and history.

People Born in Minusio


Minusio in People's Lives

Hermann Hesse: I moved here in April of 1919, following the breaking up of my family. I had seperated from my wife Maria, and my three children were left with pensions in the care of relatives. Now alone, I moved into a small farmhouse here. Within a few weeks, I moved again to Sorengo.

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