Minsk is the capitol and largest city in Belarus.

It was first mentioned in history in 1067, where it was described as already an established city. Its exact date of origin is unknown.

People Born in Minsk

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Minsk in People's Lives

Adelina Sotnikova: I traveled here in 2012 for the World Junior Figure Skating Championships, in which I placed third.

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2011 to protest against the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and his brutal opposition of the democratic movement in this country. I even joined local street protesters.

Peter the Great: I fought in the Battle of Holowczyn a few miles outside this city in 1708, against King Charles XII of Sweden, who had already crushingly defeated my armies in 1700 at the Battle of Narva. This time, things seemed to look better: I had a far larger army - 39,000 men to his 12,000, superior artillery, and had positioned things so that the Swedish forces faced difficult natural terrain. However, Charles' forces still beat us, and we were forced to retreat.

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