Stony Stratford High Street
Milton Keynes is a city in central England, located 45 miles northwest of London. It is the largest city in the county of Buckinghamshire. It has put much consideration and effort into the aspiration of becoming a larger, internationally known city, with extensive city planning and attempts to raise culture, business, and economy.

The area has been inhabited as farmland since the Iron Age. The present city, however, was formed by combining the towns of Bletchley, Wolverton, and Stony Stratford in 1960.

Milton Keynes is now known as being the location of Bletchley Park, as well as its downtown area, "city in a forest" urban design, growing population and trendiness, and architecture.

People Born in Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes in People's Lives

Keira Knightley: I traveled here in 2013 to film scenes of the movie The Imitation Game. We filmed on location at Bletchley Park.

Romola Garai: I attended Open University here from approximately 2008, and graduated with a degree in English Literature in 2010. However, I did much of my schooling online in between acting work.

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