Milford Haven is a town in the area of Pembrokeshire on the coastline of southwestern Wales, located on the Milford Haven Waterway rather than on open sea. 

The town has existed as a port town since the middle ages, though it was then known as Mill Bay. It was once a major Viking settlement. The Milford Haven of today was founded in 1790.

Milford Haven is known for its tranquil island-like atmosphere, quaint architecture, pastel colored buildings, beaches, and history.

People Born in Milford Haven

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Milford Haven in People's Lives

Henry VII: I sailed here in 1485, landing close to my birthplace of Pembroke Castle. I had gathered supporters in Brittany, France, and England, and now I drew in Welsh forces as well. They saw me as the prophecied "Y Moab Darogan," meaning "the son of prophecy," who would free Wales from oppression. This was mainly thanks to my Welsh ancestry and descent from Rhys ap Gruffyd, through my father. I was aware that my best chance of defeating Richard III and taking the throne was to defeat him swiftly, before his many powerful reinforcements could arrive. As more Welshmen joined my army, I marched to England.

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