Milford is a town on the coastline of southern Connecticut, located between Bridgeport and New Haven

The land on which Milford is built was purchased from the Algonquian Indians in 1639 by settlers from the nearby New Haven colony, and a small settlement had begun there by 1640.

Today, it is known for its colorful autumns and chilly, beautiful seashore.

People Born in Milford

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Milford in People's Lives

Samuel Finley: I was given charge over my first church in this town in 1743, called the New Brunswich Presbytery. The church was newly formed, having only been founded the year before, and quite small, with a congregation of only about 30. The church's short history thus far had already been hounded with fines, legal troubles, imprisonment of pastors, and threats, as Presbyterian churches were, although legal, highly unwelcome. This was the turbulent atmosphere into which I found myself thrown in taking on this congregation, but I was undaunted and eager to take up the challenge. I had only been giving sermons here for a few weeks when I was arrested and "transported as a vagrant" out of Connecticut. A handful of people were outgraged by this, even beginning to mention the word "revolution." However, Presbyterians were still unpopular, so the uproar quickly faded. I did not attempt to re-enter Connecticut.

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