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Milan is the second most-populated city in Italy, and the capitol of the Lombardy region. It was first settled in 400 BC by a Celtic tribe, and conquered by the Romans in 222 BC, a short time after which it was made capitol of the Western Roman Empire. The city flourished during the middle ages, and reached its golden age in the Renaissance, during which the Duchy of Milan was one of the most powerful cities in the world.

Today, Milan is revered for its decadence, sophistication, strong economic standing, finances and banking, education, fashion, shopping, architecture, history, art, cuisine, and politics. It is often considered, along with Paris, to be one of the most beautiful and luxurious cities in the world.

People Born in Milan

Alexander II, Holy Roman Emperor

Luisa Casati

Massimo Brambati

Milan in People's Lives

Abbey Lee Kershaw: I first traveled here for Milan Fashion Week in 2008, and was booked as a Gucci exclusive. In the next Milan Fashion Week in 2009, I was another wildly successful face of the show, opening D&G, and both opening and closing Fendi and Versace, after which I was named "Milan's Top Model."

Catrinel Menghia: After marrying my Italian ex-husband, Massimo Brambati, I moved here around 2006, and lived here until about 2011, when we got a divorce. During my time here, I continued to pursue modeling.

Luisa Casati: Perfectly befitting my flair for being beautifully extravagent and fashionable, I was born here in 1881, into a very wealthy family. I had a luxuriously affluent upbringing, and was further spoiled due to the fact that I was the youngest in the family. My perfect life was interrupted when my mother died in 1894, when I was thirteen years old. While still coping with the tragedy, my father died two years later, in 1896. At the age of 15, I was an orphan. I was also suddenly one of the wealthiest women in Italy.

Massimo Brambati: I was born here in 1966, and grew up here. This has always been my true home. I lived here with my ex-wife, Catrinel Menghia, while we were married, from 2006 - 2011, after which time we divorced. She left, but I stayed in this city. Now, though I am retired from soccer, I still enjoy sports, and I sometimes make guest appearances on the sports talk show Diretta Stadio.

Napoleon Bonaparte: Following my crowning as Emperor of France in 1804, I traveled here to be crowned King of Italy at the Milan Cathedral in 1805. I was crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy, which had previously sat on the heads of powerful popes.

Natalie Portman: I traveled here in 2001 to film scenes of the movie Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. We actually filmed a few miles outside the city, at the Villa Arconati, which served as the location for the movie's secret wedding between myself and Hayden Christiansen's character.

Olivia Culpo: While studying Italian back home in Cranston, Rhode Island in high school, I went on a school-organized trip here in high school, around 2009 and 2010.

Paula Hamilton: I came here around 1982 to work as a model. Having established myself in Japan, Germany, and Australia, I felt ready for the challenge of Italy, known to be a tough, competitive modeling world. In an interview - or perhaps you could call it an inquisition - with a top Italian photographer, he expressed doubts over me and was critical, saying, amongst other things, that my hair was "too long for the business." I almost immediately went out and cut my hair short. The photographer was impressed, and ended up shooting with me, even taking me on as his muse and teaching me how to be successful in the Italian fashion industry. I went back to the United Kingdom around 1985.

Plastic Bertrand: I lived here as an international pop star from 1982 - 1985. 

Thairine Garcia: I am agency represented here by Why Not Model Management.

Vivienne Westwood: One of my six exclusive Vivienne Westwood stores is located here. I frequently travel to this city for fashion shows and business.

Zuzanna Bijoch: I often travel and visit here for work as a high fashion model, and am represented by the modeling agency Next here.


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