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Midland is a tiny town in northern Virginia, with a population of less than 220 inhabitants. Officially, it is not even a town, but rather a census designated place. It is a part of Fauquier County.

It was founded sometime in the early 18th Century.

Today, it mainly consists of low to middle class houses and a few farms.

People Born in Midland

John Marshall

Midland in People's Lives

John Marshall: I was born here in a log cabin in 1755, in a small village outside this town, called Germantown. I was the son of a politician and his well connected wife, of noble Virginian gentry lineage. I was my parent's eldest child and eldest son, and they had high hopes for me. As a young child, I was known for being intelligent and entertaining. My family moved in 1763, when I was 8 years old, to Markham, Virginia, after my father accepted a lucrative job from the eminent Fairfax family.

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