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Messina is the third-largest city on the island of Sicily on the southern coastline of Italy. It is the 13th largest city in the country. 

It was founded as a Greek seaport in the 8th Century BC, and originally named "Zankle," ancient Greek for "scythe" due to the shape of its natural harbor. In the 5th Century BC, it was renamed in honor of Messene, Greece.

Today, Messina is known for its seaport, maritime industry, as an integral destination of Sicilian culture, cruise tourism, agriculture including wine and oranges, architecture, history, and as the location of the University of Messina.

People Born in Messina

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Messina in People's Lives

Anthony of Padua: I was here in 1222, after falling gravely ill in Morocco and being forced to book a return passage to Portugal. However, on the way, my ship was blown off course by a storm and landed in this city. By this time almost fully recovered, I decided to make the most of my prescence in Italy and travel to the hometown of my hero, Francis of Assisi.