Mersa Matruh is a town in northern Egypt, on the shores of the Medieterranean. 

It began as a small fishing village in Ancient Egyptian times, and was established as the city Amunia in the time of Alexander the Great.

Today, it is known for its beautiful beaches, white sand, seaport, vacationers, and nearby historic sites.

People Born in Mersa Matruh

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Mersa Matruh in People's Lives

Roald Dahl: In 1940, while flying for the Royal Air Force, I was instructed to locate and land at a base just outside this city. However, the coordinates that were given to me for a landing location were incorrect, and so I was unable to find the landing strip. Running low on fuel and with night approaching, I was forced to make a dangerous attempt to land in the desert. When the underside of my plane hit a boulder, however, it crashed. I fractured my skull, completely broke my nose, and temporarily lost my vision. The plane caught on fire, and I just barely managed to survive by dragging myself away from the wreck. I was rescued and taken to a hospital in this town, where I next woke up and found, horrified, that my vision had not returned. I was then transferred to a Royal Navy hospital in Alexandria.

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