Medina del Campo is a town in the community of Castile y Leon in northwestern Spain, located 28 miles from Valladolid

A castle and city walls were built here around the 11th Century, but the town grew to prominence in the 15th Century due to holding fairs.

Today, Medina del Campo is best known for its castle, medieval architecture, farming, agriculture, and history.

People Born in Medina del Campo


Medina del Campo in People's Lives

Isabella I of Castile: Planning to conquer the area of Granada, currently Muslim held, Ferdinand and I traveled here in 1482 with our armies, generally considered to mark the beginning of the war for Granada. Though our visible prescence and involvement in the war was intimidating to our enemies, the war for Granada would stretch on for a decade, ending in 1492 with an amicable treaty. In 1504, after increasing ill health, I decided to retired from court in Segovia and come to live in the castle here. Within a month, I passed away at the age of 54.

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