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Maryville is a town in eastern Tennessee, a part of the Knoxville metropolitan area. 

Before European settlement, the land of Maryville was inhabited by the Cherokee Indians. European settlement began around 1762. The town began as Fort Craig, built in 1785.

Today, Maryville is known for its state park and location in the Great Smoky Mountains.

People Born in Maryville

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Maryville in People's Lives

Sam Houston: Shortly after the death of my father in 1807, my mother decided to move her nine children - of which I was the fifth - to land that my father had recently purchased here. I was fourteen at the time. One of my older brothers opened a shop in the town, and my family did moderately well. I worked as a clerk in my brother's store, which I disliked immensely. I found this town boring, and escaped by running away when I was 16, in 1809.

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