Mary Boleyn
Mary Boleyn was a mistress of King Henry VIII and later his sister-in-law after his marriage to her sister Anne Boleyn.

Later in her life, Mary chose a second husband and married him for love, despite the fact that he was far beneath her station. She was subsequently banished from court and lived the rest of her days happily in the countryside with her husband and children.

Full Name Mary Boleyn
Who sister of the Queen of England
Birth Date 1499
Death Date July 19, 1543
Country England
Born Blickling, Norfolk, England, UK
Died Rochford, Essex, England, UK
Cause of Death unknown
Education n/a
Father Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire
Mother Elizabeth Boleyn, Countess of Wiltshire

William Carey

William Stafford


Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon

Catherine Carey


George Boleyn

Anne Boleyn


Boleyn was the aunt of Elizabeth I of England.

Boleyn accompanied Mary Tudor, Queen of France to Paris in 1514 as her maid of honor, and attended her wedding to Louis XII of France.

During her time as a member of the French court, Boleyn was rumored to have been a romantic interest of Francis I of France, and they possibly had an affair. Francis called Mary by a variety of endearments.

Boleyn was royal mistress to Henry VIII, beginning in 1521, when I was 21 years old. Their relationship continued for 5 years, though Boleyn was never officially named royal mistress. Their affair ended around 1526. They would have still seen each other frequently at court, and appeared to have remained amicable. In 1533, he married Boleyn's sister, and became her brother-in-law. After she married another, low-birthed man for love, he furiously banished Boleyn from court in 1534, and she was never allowed to return. However, after selling her family's Hever Castle years later, he unexpectedly sent her a portion of the proceeds.


Blickling, Norfolk, England, UK - Born here, 1499.

Hever, Kent, England, UK - Grew up here, approximately 1500 - 1514.

Paris, France - Lived here, 1514 - 1519.

London, England, UK - Lived here, 1519 - 1534.

Rochford, Essex, England, UK - Lived here, 1534 - 1543. Died here, 1543.

How Added - Through her sister Anne Boleyn, who was added via her husband (and Mary's former lover) Henry VIII.

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