Martin Pring
Martin Pring was an English explorer known for exploring the northeastern United States and mapping the coast of Maine. After success in the northern Americas, he became a ship's master in the Dutch East Indies Company, and completed exploration voyages in East Asia. Within ten years, in 1619, he was Commander of the Dutch East Indies' naval fleet. After that, he became an English privateer.

Full Name Martin Pring
Who explorer / Naval Commander / privateer
Birth Date 1580
Death Date 1626
Country England
Born Bristol, England, UK
Died Bristol, England, UK
Cause of Death unknown
Education n/a


Richard Hakluyt was a patron of Pring, and in 1603 was one of the influential Bristol men who helped Pring secure an exploratory voyage to the Americas that would make him famous.

Pring's 1603 voyage of exploration to the Americas was licensed and partially funded by Walter Raleigh.


Bristol, England, UK - Born here, 1580. Grew up here. Died here, 1626.

Belfast, Maine, USA - Explored here, 1603.

Portland, Maine, USA - Explored here, 1603.

Eliot, Maine, USA - Explored here, 1603.

Truro, Massachusetts, USA - Landed here, two months, 1603.

London, England, UK - Was often here.

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