Markham is a small town in northern Virginia, home to a handful of locations on the National Register of Historic Places.

It was established around the early 18th Century.

Today, it is best known as the location of Naked Mountain Vineyard, one of the most well known vineyards in Virginia.

People Born in Markham


Markham in People's Lives

John Marshall: My family moved here in 1763, when I was eight years old. It was here that I grew up and spent my childhood. We initially moved to Leeds Manor, owned by the prestigious Fairfax family, but this was only temporary. My father leased an estate-sized piece of land from Richard Henry Lee, not yet having the funds to buy the land for himself. He then built a colonial two-story home there, which we named "the Hollow." As a boy, I was intelligent and humorous, and noted for my intense black eyes. During this time, my father worked for the Fairfax family, and was paid well. As there were no schools for hundreds of miles, I was educated at home, and was a devoted student. After spending a year at a boy's academy in Washington D.C. in 1769, my father hired a minister and schoolmaster to live with us and tutor my brothers and I. I learned Latin, and began reading ancient Latin manuscripts avidly. My father saved up to buy an estate of his own, and finally had enough money after 10 years here. In 1773, when I was 18 years old, we moved to our very own estate in Delaplane.

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