St. Helen's Church in Market Bosworth
Market Bosworth is a small town in the county of Leicestershire in central England.

It has been settled since at least the Bronze Age, when there was a cattle market here. Around the 1st Century AD, Roman villas were built here, and an Anglo-Saxon village existed beginning around the 8th Century. 

Today, Market Bosworth is known for its modest cathedral, town square, pictaresque shopfronts, and wealth of history.

People Born in Market Bosworth

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Market Bosworth in People's Lives

Henry VII: My armies and I traveled here in August of 1485, and proclaimed myself king. Though I had not yet defeated Richard III, who currently held the throne, I was confident that I would defeat him in battle. Proclaiming myself king would make any who fought against me a traitor, after I was crowned. The Battle of Bosworth Field was held here the next day, with several of Richard's powerful allies either siding with me or leaving the battlefield. This was my first major battle, and despite my men being outnumbered, we celebrated a decisive victory, and Richard III was killed. This war ended the decades long War of the Roses between my family, the Tudors, and the Plantagenets. I headed to London in triumph.

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