Mademoiselle Fleury
Marie-Anne Fleury, better known simply as Mademoiselle Fleury, was an 18th Century Belgian actress who enjoyed fame in French theaters. She was the granddaughter of a famed ballet choreographer.

Full Name Marie-Anne Florence Bernardy Nones "Fleury"
Who actress
Birth Date December 28, 1766
Death Date February 23, 1818
Country Belgium / France
Born Antwerp, Belgium
Died Paris, France
Cause of Death old age
Father Louis Joseph "Fleury" Nones
Mother Marie-Anne Denise Bernardy
Spouse Valentin Chevetel


Fleury had a brief but passionate love affair with Charles Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie. They planned an elopement, but Fleury ended the relationship, leaving Tuffin so desolate that he fled to a monastery and lived there in isolation for two years.


Antwerp, Belgium - Born here, 1766

Paris, France - Lived here from 1786 until her death in 1818, enjoyed success as a famous actress.

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