Maria Theresa of Savoy
Maria Theresa of Savoy was Princess of Savoy by birth and also the wife of Charles X of France. Though her husband eventually became King of France, this was only 19 years after her death.

Full Name Maria Theresa of Savoy
Who Princess of Savoy & Countess of Artois
Birth Date January 31, 1756
Death Date June 2, 1805
Country Italy / France
Born Turin, Italy
Died Graz, Austria
Cause of Death general ill health
Education n/a
Father Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia
Mother Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain
Spouse Charles X of France

Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia

Marie Josephine of Savoy

Maria Anna of Savoy, Duchess of Chablais

Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia

Maurizio, Duke of Montferrat

Maria Carolina of Savoy

Charles Felix of Sardinia

Giuseppe, Count of Asti


Louis Antoine, Duke of Angouleme

Charles Ferdinand, Duke of Berry


Maria was extremely close with her sister, Marie Josephine of Savoy, who was three years older than her. 

Maria was the cousin of Marie Louise of Savoy, a great friend of Marie Antoinette - her sister-in-law.

Maria married Charles X of France in 1773 in Versailles. They met for the first time at their wedding ceremony. However, at the time, Charles was not a king (and, in fact, never would be during Maria's lifetime). He was rather known as the Count of Artois. Though the couple had a good relationship, Charles was considered to be one of the most handsome men in the royal family, while Maria was considered quite plain, if not having a good complexion. Resultingly, Charles had numerous affairs with other women at court, and the longtime love of his life was Louise d'Esparbes de Lussan - not Maria. 

How Added - Through her husband Charles X of France, who was added via his cousin Louis Philippe I, who was added via his friend Victoria, Queen of England.

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