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Maria Ruiz de Burton was the first female Mexican-American author to write and publish books in English. 

She was the granddaughter of the former governor of the Mexican state of Baja California, and scandalously married a high-ranking military officer in 1849, in a time when marriages between Mexican-Americans and white men were rare.

Full  Name Maria Amparo Maitorena Ruiz de Burton
Who writer
Birth Date July 3, 1832
Death Date August 12, 1895
Country Mexico / United States
Born Loreto, Mexico
Died Chicago, Illinois, USA
Cause of Death gastric fever
Education upper class finishing school
Father Jesus Maitorena
Mother Isabel Ruiz Maitorena
Spouse Henry S. Burton

Manuela Maitorena

Federico Maitorena


Nellie Burton

Henry Burton


Ruiz de Burton was a friend of Louisa Hawkins Canby. During the tumultuous time of her scandalous engagement, Canby allowed her and her husband to stay in her home, and they held their wedding ceremony there in 1849. 

Peter Hardeman Burnett, who was at the time the Governor of California, protested against Ruiz de Burton's engagement to a white man.

Starting in 1859, Ruiz de Burton began mixing with the elite circle of Union society, after her husband was posted in the northeast. She even became a friend of Mary Todd Lincoln, though she was critical of the government.

How Added - Through her friend Louisa Hawkins Canby.