Maracaibo is a city in northwestern Venezuela, located on the connecting point between the Gulf of Venezuela and Lake Maracaibo. It was first founded in 1499, but has been "founded," and then abandoned, three times.

Maracaibo prides itself as being set apart from the rest of Venezuela, and especially makes sure to tell people that it is the opposite of Caracas. The city is known for its indigenous lifestyle, unique music and food, for its bay and maritime economy, for its notable bridge, and as the hottest city in the country.

People Born in Maracaibo

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Maracaibo in People's Lives

Henry Morgan: After my meticulously planned pirate attack on Cartagena failed, I set my sights instead on this city in 1669, at the suggestion of one of my captains, who had been a part of the crew of Francois l'Olonnais when he had sacked the city a few years earlier. However, it seemed that my ill luck had not yet run its course. While trying to navigate a very shallow and narrow channel littered with sand bars just outside the city, our ships were partially damaged. Once we finally reached the lake on which this city lies, our forces were beset by heavy fire from a Spanish fort that had been newly built since my captain had been here. We suffered losses and were forced to retreat. My men and I anchored our ship and decided to travel to the city on foot. Once my pirate army finally reached the city, there was a slow-burning explosive device waiting for us, which I only just barely managed to deactivate. The rest of the city was abandoned. We spent a few uncomfortable weeks in the jungle, torturing a few natives that we found in hopes of discovering where the city's inhabitants and riches had been evacuated to. We learned nothing, and headed for easier prey: the small village of Gibraltar. After successfully raiding that town, we sailed back past this city, where a small Spanish fleet was lying in wait, and we were attacked. Though outnumbered, we won the battle through clever tricks, such as faking a landing, and sending a decoy ship full of explosives sailing right up to the enemy fleet.

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