Manchester is a city in the county of Lancashire in northern England, the sixth largest in the United Kingdom.

It was founded as a Roman sandstone fort in 79 AD, and experienced an economic boom during the Industrial Revolution.

Today, Manchester is known for its architecture, music scene, science and engineering, society, shopping centers, and sporting events and stadiums.

People Born in Manchester

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Manchester in People's Lives

Gerald Durrell: After being exiled from British zoos following a falling out with the superintendent of the London Zoo, I found myself unable to get a job at any zoo in England. And so, discouraged and in financial trouble, I moved here with my new wife Jacquie in 1951. Encouraged by my brother Lawrence and Jacquie, I began writing about my zoology and wildlife collecting adventures, as a possible form of much-needed income. I published my nature memoir The Overloaded Ark in 1953, and it was a great success. Funds from the book helped to launch my next conservation voyage in 1954, to Paraguay. 

Gerard Manley Hopkins: I worked as a Catholic minister here briefly, around 1881.

Javier Hernandez: In 2009, unbeknownst to me at the time, the soccer team Manchester United began seriously looking into my career and potential as a professional footballer, with the intention of recruiting me for their team. They originally planned to wait to make a bid due to my young age (I was 21 at the time), but my potential involvement in the upcoming World Cup playing for Mexico rushed them into making a bid. In 2010, I agreed to sign with Manchester United for an undisclosed fee, and flew to visit this city for the first time. The deal was kept in top secrecy, and even my agent and father did not yet know about it. I made my debut playing for the English team 3 months later, and scored my first goal 18 minutes into the game. I have a contract that makes me a part of the team here until 2016.

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2003 to film scenes of the movie Alfie. During filming, I developed a mutual attraction with my co-star, Sienna Miller.

Keira Knightley: I traveled here in 2013 to film scenes of the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook: I invested in a newspaper here in 1919, and transported the latest-in-technology printing presses to this city.

Olivia Hallinan: I attended the University of Manchester here from approximately 2002 - 2006, while still pursuing my acting career. I was active in student drama activities while here. 

Oscar Pistorius: I competed as a sprinter in the Visa Paralympic World Cup here in 2005, and won the gold medal.

Vivienne Westwood: I own a store here - three, actually.

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