Manama is the capital and largest city of Bahrain. It's name, derived from the Arabic al-manama, means "Place of Dreams."

Though the area has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, the first settlement on the modern location of Manama began around 650 BC, and the city became an important Islamic place of worship and trade route destination. The actual present-day city of Manama, however, was not officially founded until the early 1800's, simultaneously with Muharraq, Manama's twin city.

Today, Manama is known for its mosques, blended diversity of inhabitants, modern skyline, wealth, souks, trade, finance, culture, and oil.

People Born in Manama

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Manama in People's Lives

Summer Bishil: I visited this city often while my family lived in Bahrain, around 2000. I attended middle school here.

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