Madison Wisconsin night
Madison is the capitol city of Wisconsin and the 2nd largest city in the state. It is located on Lake Mendota. It was established in 1837.

People Born in Madison

Vinnie Ream

Madison in People's Lives

Vinnie Ream: I was born here in 1847, in a log cabin. My father was a civil servant and surveyer, and my Scottish mother was kept busy with guests that we hosted in our home as a stage-coach stop lodging place. My family operated one of the first hotels in Wisconsin, though calling it by such an official name is a bit misleading - guests had dinner with us and slept on our wood floor. Thus, I was constantly meeting an eclectic array of new people, many of whom were travelers with exciting stories. Growing up as a decidedly backwoods Wisconsin girl, I could never have imagined that quite soon, I would be traveling to some of the grandest cities in the world and running my own prestigious sculpting studios. When I was 14, my family left this town to move to Washington D.C.

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