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Machaerus was an ancient fortress city in what is now Jordan, located 15 miles southeast of the mouth of the Jordan River, on the eastern shores of the Dead Sea. Traditionally, it is attributed to have been the location of Herod the Great's palace-fortress, and the site of John the Baptist's beheading in 32 AD.

The fortress was built by Alexander Jannaeus around 90 BC. Its strategic position, situation on a high hilltop, and proximity to other citadels made it a powerful stronghold. It was destroyed in 57 BC, but rebuilt by Herod the Great in 30 BC. It was destroyed again in 72 AD, and abandoned.

Today, the site is sometimes visited by tourists, and is regarded as a national historic location.

People Born in Machaerus


Machaerus in People's Lives

Marc Antony: I traveled here on a military campaign, as chief of cavalry, in 56 BC. I fought in a battle here won by the Roman armies.

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