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Lugano is a large town in southeastern Switzerland, located on the shores of Lake Lugano, bordered by the Lugano Prealps and close to the Italian border. It is the 9th largest city in Switzerland. Its recent glamorous status of wealth and beauty have earned it the nickname "the Monte Carlo of Switzerland."

Settlement here began around the 5th Century BC, though the city of today probably formed around a church built in 724 AD.

Today, Lugano is considered one of the wealthiest and beautiful cities in Europe, renowned for its mountains, lakeside, innovation, real estate, and history.

People Born in Lugano

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Lugano in People's Lives

Jorge Luis Borges: After the end of World War I, my family moved here in 1918, when I was 19 years old. Within a few months, in 1919, we moved out of Switzerland to Barcelona.


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