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Ludlow is a town in the county of Shropshire in northwestern England, close to the Welsh border. It is located on the River Corve and River Teme, and surrounded by the Mortimer Forest and Clee Hills. Over 500 registered historic buildings are contained inside the town.

It was founded in 1138 as "Lodelowe," though a poem of that age states that it previously existed under the name "Dinham" for "a long while" before that. It was recorded in history in 1086 as part of a large manor-house parish. Especially throughout the Middle Ages, Ludlow was one of the most important seats of power related to controlling English and Welsh relations, due to its strategic position close to the Welsh border.

Today, Ludlow is known for its architecture, Tudor-style buildings, churches, nearby Ludlow Castle and other smaller castles, Welsh heritage, high end restaurants, festivals, and vibrant atmosphere.

People Born in Ludlow

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Ludlow in People's Lives

Mary I of England: At the age of 9, in 1525, I was sent here to preside over the Council of Wales & the Marches, primarily in name, though I took my task seriously. This position was always one reserved for the Prince of Wales, the title customarily given to the male heir to the throne. However, I was my parent's only child. I was sometimes referred to as the Princess of Wales, but I was never officially given this title. I lived here with my own royal court, frequently visiting home, for three years, before returning to London in 1528, at the age of 12.

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