Louisa Hawkins Canby
Louisa Hawkins Canby was an American charity worker revered for her caring and compassion toward Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War, despite being the wife of a Union general. She was nicknamed "The Angel of Santa Fe."

Full Name Louisa Hawkins Canby
Who wife of general
Birth Date December 25, 1818
Death Date June, 1889
Country United States
Born Paris, Kentucky, USA
Died Portland, Oregon, USA
Cause of Death old age
Education Georgetown College
Father John Hawkins
Mother Elizabeth Waller Hawkins
Spouse Edward Canby

John Parker Hawkins

Miriam Hawkins Speed

Margaret Hawkins Speed

Frances "Fanny" Hawkins

Children Mary Canby


Canby met William Tecumseh Sherman in California in 1849.

Canby was a friend of Maria Ruiz de Burton. When a high ranking military officer proposed marriage to Maria, who was Mexican-American and also the granddaughter of the former governer of the Mexican state of Baja California, an uproar of scandal ensued. During the tumultuous time, Canby let Maria and her fiancee stay in her home, and a few months later, the couple married there, in 1849. 

Canby was a friend of Susan Wallace, the wife of Lew Wallace.

Canby and her husband were friends of Henry Hopkins Sibley. They even spent a Christmas season with him in 1859. For some reason, rumors about the Canbys and Sibley abounded. The most absurd rumor stated that Canby was secretly Sibley's sister. Another rumor said that Canby's husband had been the best man at Sibley's wedding in 1840, which is at least more plausible. The reason for all of these rumors was that while Canby's husband was a Union general, Sibley was a high-ranking Confederate. When Canby famously helped to care for the "enemy" Confederate soldiers following a battle in 1862, Sibley personally met with Canby to thank her.

Canby was an acquaintance of Edwin Stanton.

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