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Lodi is a town in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy, located on the River Adda, 22 miles from Milan

Established around 50 AD, Lodi was originally a Roman town called "Laus Pompeia." After becoming its own independent city in 1000, it was pounced upon by the Duchy of Milan, who sought to conquer it. It valiantly resisted until its more powerful rival city destroyed it in 1111. The town was rebuilt on top of the ruins beginning in 1158.

Today, Lodi is known for its history, plazas, architecture, and riverfront.

People Born in Lodi

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Lodi in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: I commanded and won the Battle of Lodi here in 1796, driving Austrian forces from the Lombardy region. The opposing general was Karl Philipp Sebottendorf. 

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