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Llangollen is a small town in the county of Clwyd in northeastern Wales. It is located on the banks of the River Dee and at the foothills of the Berwyn Mountains.

The town's beginnings go back to the 6th Century, when a monk founded a church on the land. 

Today, Llangollen is known for its pictaresque charm, typically Welsh lifestyle, bridge, and riverfront.

People Born in Llangollen

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Llangollen in People's Lives

John Scott-Ellis: As a young ten year old boy in 1923, I was invited by Rudyard Kipling, a family friend with whom I got along marvelously, to accompany him to this town to watch the sheepdog trials. I suggested that Kipling write a book about the shepherds, which he promised to do, but "never got around to."

Rudyard Kipling: I went to watch the sheepdog trials here in the early 1920's more than once, and was very interested in the shepherd's lives. In 1923, I was accompanied by John Scott-Ellis, who was then a ten year old boy, and who suggested that I write a book about the shepherds.

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