Downtown Livingston
Livingston is a town in southern Montana, located on the Yellowstone River, north of the Yellowstone National Park and against the Absaroka Mountains.

It was established in the mid 1800's as a trading town, called Benson's Landing. The North Pacific Railroad Company took over the town in 1882, and renamed it Clark City. A few months later, however, it was renamed Livingston in honor of a prominent shareholder in the North Pacific Company. The town was the first and most prominent gateway town into Yellowstone National Park for many decades.

Today, Livingston is still a popular location for tourists visiting Yellowstone National Park.

People Born in Livingston

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Livingston in People's Lives

Rudyard Kipling: I traveled here via the North Pacific Railroad in 1889, during a tour of sorts through North America. I was delighted to meet "real cowboys." While staying here, I explored and was inspired by Yellowstone National Park. I was advised by a fellow traveler to visit a quirky old man who ran a toll booth within the park, named Jim George but known to everyone as "Yankee Jim." I took the man's advice, and was delighted with Yankee Jim, whom I fell into an easy and immediate friendship with. As he began telling me his tall tales - involving packs of twenty bears attacking him at once, nearly being burnt at the stake by Indians, shot by Indians, and more - I decided to test him out and tell a few tall tales of my own. But no matter what story I told, Jim could always come up with a more unbelievable tale. The one true thing that Jim told me was that the river was "alive with trout," and he was right. We fished for seven hours, catching more fish than I ever have in my life. I would later write, "Ye gods! That was fishing."

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