Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal, and is the 11th most-populated urban area in Europe, and the 10th richest in Europe.

It was occupied by the Romans around 30 BC, though some believe that there was a Phoenician settlement there before that.

Today, Lisbon is known for its wealthy economy, architecture, quality of living, warm climate with the warmest winters in Europe, and education.

People Born in Lisbon

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Lisbon in People's Lives

Anthony of Padua: I was born here in 1195 into a wealthy and noble family with an impressive ancestral lineage. As a boy, my parents began my education by sending me to school at a cathedral in this city. At age 15, in 1210, I went to study at the Abbey of Saint Vincent on the outskirts of Lisbon. Going to study at the abbey, obviously a declaration that I intended to join the church, was against the wishes of my family, who wanted me to become a wealthy man of the world. Such a thing could not possibly have interested me less. I was a dedicated student, and was becoming more and more swayed by religion and theology. My family and friends frequently came to visit me, to my annoyance - it broke my focus and made it more difficult to concentrate on my studies. At last in 1212, at the age of 17, I requested to transfer to another abbey, and so I moved to Coimbra.

Jared Leto: After filming the movie Requiem for a Dream, I needed to recover. To prepare for the role, as a heroine addict, I had lived on the streets of New York, refrained from having sex for two months, and had starved myself into a 28 pound weight loss. And so, I came here in 2000 to stay at a Portuguese monastery in order to gain back weight and relax. The actual monastery I stayed in, as well as the city, are actually unknown. While at the monastery, I cut myself off from the outside world and feasted on traditional foods. This put a major strain on my relationship with my girlfriend Cameron Diaz, as I had left to stay at this monastery for three months without telling her.

Tom Sturridge: I filmed scenes of Gulliver's Travels here in 1995. I was ten years old at the time.

Zuzanna Bijoch: I visited here in 2013.

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