Lidzbark Warminski is a town in northern Poland. Formerly, it was known by its German name, Heilsberg. 

With much significant Polish history behind it, Lidzbark Warminski was founded as the town of "Lecbarg" in the 12th Century. During the Middle Ages, it was the capital of the Polish region of Warmia, and often called "the Pearl of Warmia."

Today, it is known for its beauty, history, architecture, historic buildings, and canals.

People Born in Lidzbark Warminski

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Lidzbark Warminski

Napoleon Bonaparte: After the bloody stalement my armies had reached at the Battle of Elyau in February of 1807, both sides withdrew to recover and gather ourselves, before meeting again here in June of 1807. The small Battle of Heilsberg took place, with no clear victor.

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