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Libra: "The Scales"

September 23rd - October 22nd

Type - Air

Positive attributes - Diplomatic, Graceful, Idealistic, Peaceful, Hospitable

Negative attributes - Lazy, Superficial, Vain, Unreliable, Indecisive

Libra is the only sign that is inanimate, not represented by any animal or person. They are very diplomatic people, who are able to put themselves into the shoes of others. They enjoy harmony and balance, and are always trying to make things right. They are generally quite likeable, charming, eager to please, and easygoing. They expect others to admire them, however, and to be the center of a quiet sort of respect and attention. Often very intelligent, Libras express themselves through creativity, and most people overlook their intelligence. They love variety, change, different settings, and are very adaptable. They love the luxurious, upscale, and classy, and to surround themselves with beautiful things - appearance matters to them. The dominant negative trait that they are known for is laziness. If managed well, however, Libras can let their easygoing and non-hurried nature lend itself to helping them relax and enjoy the little things in life, never letting themselves get extremely stressed. They are always searching for that special person, and are quite romantic and committed. However, they have a tendency to rush into relationships too fast. They also do not do well in tough times, and need much support. Well mannered, charming, and peaceful.

Libra People

September 23 - Augustus

September 24 - John Marshall

September 25 - Vinnie Ream

September 27 - Gwyneth Paltrow

September 28 - Hilary Duff

September 30 - Truman Capote

October 1 - Catrinel Menghia

October 2 - Annie Leibovitz

October 2 - Mahatma Gandhi

October 3 - Clive Owen

October 3 - Gore Vidal

October 4 - Alicia Silverstone

October 4 - Dakota Johnson

October 5 - Chester A. Arthur

October 5 - Chevalier d'Eon

October 5 - Imaan Hammam

October 6 - Louis Philippe I

October 7 - Alesha Dixon

October 7 - Simon Cowell

October 8 - Dionisio Alcala Galiano

October 9 - Charles X of France

October 9 - David Cameron

October 10 - Benjamin West

October 11 - Eleanor Roosevelt

October 11 - Stephen Moyer

October 12 - Marko Jaric

October 13 - Margaret Thatcher

October 14 - James II of England

October 14 - William Penn

October 15 - Frederick William IV of Prussia

October 15 - Friedrich Nietzsche

October 16 - Michael Collins

October 16 - Oscar Wilde

October 18 - Esperanza Spalding

October 19 - Desmond Harrington

October 20 - Anna Neagle

October 20 - Candice Swanepoel

October 20 - Danny Boyle

October 20 - Viggo Mortensen

October 21 - William Shippen

October 22 - Fernanda Ly