Leo: "The Lion"

July 23rd - August 22nd

Type - Fire

Positive attributes - Confident, Ambitious, Strong, Generous, Loyal, Vibrant, Adventurous

Negative attributes - Pretentious, Domineering, Melodramatic, Stubborn, Vain

Leo are vibrant, fiery personalities, and enjoy making the best of their lives. They like being first, in control, and leading others, and are often bossy or domineering. They enjoy lavishing attention and gifts on others, but also have no trouble doing the same for themselves. Full of flair, they like to be center stage and demand attention. They do not like to settle for second best, and often strive to succeed and become the very best at whatever they are doing, viewing second place as the losing place. This can make them very competitive, and they also hate to be proven wrong. They often stubbornly believe themselves to be right no matter what. If they do not feel that they are the best at something, or will never become good at it, they will often simply give up and move on to something else, as they like to shine and do not feel comfortable simply being mediocre at something. Full of adventure and life, and generally very quick witted and charming, others are drawn to Leos. Public image is very important to them, and they love beautiful and extravagent things. They are generally quite glamorous, and may have excessive spending habits. They love luxury and being treated, but also equally enjoy pampering others. They often make grand, large scale gestures or decisions. Though they are very capable of fiercely striking out and defending themselves, they are not ones to hold a grudge, and can forgive and forget. They are orderly and precise, good at details, and need to feel that they have accomplished something at the end of each day. They look toward the future, and contemplate things. Though they are independent, they also like to have people around them that admire them, and they prefer not to be alone. When they find someone to devote themselves to, they do so unconditionally and fiercely. They are commanding and in control, and very passionate. They dislike dull routines, and prefer fresh excitement, new things, and adventure.

current Leos - 51

Leo People

July 23 - Daniel Radcliffe

July 24 - Anna Paquin

July 25 - Matt LeBlanc

July 26 - Carl Jung

July 26 - George Bernard Shaw

July 26 - Kevin Spacey

July 27 - Hilaire Belloc

July 27 - Mirjana Puhar

July 28 - Alexandra Chando

July 28 - Elizabeth Berkley

July 28 - Gerard Manley Hopkins

July 28 - Manu Ginobili

July 29 - Viktoria Tolstoy

July 30 - Ian Watkins

July 31 - Alexis Knapp

July 31 - Krystal Meyers

August 1 - Jack O'Connell

August 2 - Caleb Carr

August 2 - Francisca of Brazil

August 3 - Jeremiah Day

August 3 - Mamie Gummer

August 3 - P.D. James

August 3 - Ryan Lochte

August 4 - Barack Obama

August 5 - Neil Armstrong

August 6 - Romola Garai

August 7 - Charlize Theron

August 8 - Benjamin Silliman

August 8 - Cecil Calvert

August 8 - Madalina Ghenea

August 9 - Adelaide Kane

August 9 - Albert Ketelbey

August 9 - John William Godward

August 9 - Whitney Houston

August 10 - Justin Theroux

August 11 - Alyson Stoner

August 11 - Chris Hemsworth

August 12 - George IV of the United Kingdom

August 13 - Fidel Castro

August 13 - Frederick Sanger

August 13 - Heike Makatsch

August 13 - Karen Marie Orsted

August 14 - Francois d'Orleans

August 14 - Julia Bergshoeff

August 15 - Anthony of Padua

August 15 - Jennifer Lawrence

August 15 - Joe Jonas

August 15 - Napoleon Bonaparte

August 15 - Virginia Clemm Poe

August 16 - T.E. Lawrence

August 19 - Reeva Steenkamp

August 20 - Demi Lovato

August 21 - Hayden Panettiere

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