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Leatherhead is a town in the county of Surrey in southeastern England, located at the edge of the outskirts of London on the River Mole. 

It was established as an Anglo-Saxon town in 880, under the name of "Leodridan." 

Today, it is known for its downtown area, cycling, proximity to London, and bridge.

People Born in Leatherhead

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Leatherhead in People's Lives

Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook: I bought the grand Cherkley Court here in 1911, a beautiful and lavish late-Victorian mansion and estate on 370 acres. I moved here with my family, and entertained guests with exorbitant parties and gatherings. In 1913, I offered the house as a location for the current British Prime Minister, H.H. Asquith, to discuss and negotiate with my close friend (and future Prime Minister), Bonar Law. Cherkley Court remained my primary home for the rest of my life, though I continued working out of nearby London. I remained vivacious, quick-witted and active in both political and business circles until my death. Days before I died, I attended a birthday party banquet. However, in my later years I was often in much pain from cancer. I died in 1964 at the age of 85. My ashes were taken to Fredericton, Canada, where I had once sold newspapers as a boy.

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