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Le Havre is a city in the department of Haute-Normandie in northern France. It is the second busiest port in France after Marseille.

The oldest building in the city is the Granville Abbey, which is first found mentioned in history in the 9th Century. This is the earliest evidence of settlement in the city's vicinity, though a Roman road, built around the 1st Century, did run through the area. The city was officially established as a port by royal charter of Francis I of France in 1517.

Today, Le Havre is known for its nautical and maritime prowess, its historical ties, and engineering.

People Born in Le Havre

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Le Havre in People's Lives

Mary Todd Lincoln: Sailing on my second European trip, I landed in this city in October of 1876. While my first trip to Europe had been years earlier with my son Tad, he was now dead - killed by a sickness caught crossing the Atlantic on our return voyage - and my only remaining son was estranged from me, having attempted to put me into a mental hospital. I traveled from this town to Bordeaux a few days after landing. Also when departing Europe again to sail back to America in October of 1880, in failing health myself, I left from this city. I never returned to Europe, dying two years later, and so this was the last European city that I ever saw.

Walt Disney: After months of planning, dodging the rules, dreaming, and training, I finally arrived "over there" in this city December of 1918, exactly one day before my 17th birthday. I had been training as an ambulence driver, but had been disappointed by news that the war had ended a month before, leaving me with the sick feeling that I had "missed out on something big." I had been thrilled to learn that ambulence drivers were still in demand, which I had in fact heard at 3 a.m. when I was roughly woken up in the middle of the night saying that I was leaving for France right away. This was my first stop overseas, though I only stayed for one day.

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