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Lawrence Durrell was a British expatriate writer.

Full Name Lawrence George Durrell
Who writer
Birth Date February 27, 1912
Death Date November 7, 1990
Country England
Born Jalandhar, India
Died Sommieres, France
Cause of Death stroke
Education n/a
Father Lawrence Samuel Durrell
Mother Louisa Florence Dixie Durrell

Nancy Isobel Myers

Eve Cohen

Claude-Marie Vicendon

Ghislaine de Boysson


Sappho Jean Durrell

Penelope Berengaria Durrell


Leslie Durrell

Margaret Durrell

Gerald Durrell


Durrell was the older brother of naturalist and writer Gerald Durrell, and it was him who originally encouraged Gerald to begin writing.

Durrell met Henry Miller in Paris in 1931, and the two became lifelong friends, despite being highly critical of each other's work. Miller's visit to his home in Greece in 1939 is written about in The Colossus of Maroussi, which Miller considered to be his best work.

Durrell was a friend of Anais Nin, whom he met in Paris in 1937.

Durrell was a friend of Theodore Stephanides, whom he invited to his home many times in the 1930's.


Jalandhar, India - Born here, 1912. Grew up here, 1912 - approximately 1921.

Darjeeling, India - Attended school here, approximately 1921 - 1923.

London, England, UK - Attended school here, 1923. Lived here briefly, 1948.

Canterbury, Kent, England, UK - Attended school here, 1924 - 1928.

Corfu, Greece - Lived here, 1936 - 1942.

Paris, France - Visited here, 1937.

Heraklion, Greece - Fled here, 1942.

Alexandria, Egypt - Lived here, 1942 - 1945 and 1956 - 1967.

Cairo, Egypt - Was often here, 1940's.

Rhodes, Greece - Lived here, 1945 - 1947.

Cordoba, Argentina - Lived here, 1947 - 1948.

Belgrade, Serbia - Lived here, 1948 - 1952.

Bournemouth, Dorset, England, UK - Traveled here, 1951.

Nicosia, Cyprus - Lived here, 1952 - 1956.

Pasadena, California, USA - Visited here, 1974.

Sommieres, France - Lived here, approximately 1967 - 1990. Died here, 1990.

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