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Lahore is the capital and second-largest city of Pakistan, and one of the most densely populated cities in the world. 

An ancient city, Lahore dates back to at least the 2nd Century, when it was mentioned by Ptolemy.

Today, Lahore is known for its rich history, culture, exotic atmosphere, temples, architecture, cuisine, markets, economy, wealth, palaces, and gardens.

People Born in Lahore

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Lahore in People's Lives

Rudyard Kipling: After spending years away from my beloved homeland in England, I came in 1882 to this city, which was at the time a part of India. I was given a job as assistant editor of a small local newspaper. I adored the paper and my role in it, and would later call it "my mistress and first true love." I found the job deliciously challenging, and despite being constantly busy with the paper, I still found time to write quite a lot of fiction. My time at the newspaper went brilliantly, and in 1887, at only 21 years old, I was recognized by everyone there as an emerging star of a writer. I also became initiated as a freemason here. It was decided in 1887 that I should transfer to Lahore's sister newspaper, a far larger paper based in Allahabad.


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