La Porte is a town in eastern Texas, a part of the Houston metropolitan area and close to the Texas-Louisiana state line. 

Though first coming to attention as the location of the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution in 1836, the town was founded in 1892 as an upscale suburban and vacation town.

Today, La Porte is known for its beautiful waterfront area and piers, bridges, parks, and significance in Texan history.

People Born in La Porte

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La Porte in People's Lives

Sam Houston: After facing criticism for fleeing miles through Texas fleeing the following army of my enemy, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, I decided at last to engage his forces in battle here, during the Texas Revolution in 1836. It was planned that my Texan troops would take Santa Anna's Mexican soldiers by surprise in the afternoon during their daily "siesta." The battle was an enormous success, and the enemy forces surrendered in a mere 18 minutes. My troops suffered few casualties, though my ankle was shattered by a bullet during combat. Santa Anna signed a treaty granting Texas its independence at last, to my joy. Immediately after the battle, I headed back to the United States to be hospitalized. Criticism about my military prowess came to an abrupt end.

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