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Kotor is a coastal town in southwestern Montenegro, set in a secluded part of the twisting Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea. The town itself is a World Heritage Site included in the Natural and Cultural Historical Region of Kotor. In recent years, Kotor has drawn in an increasing number of tourists, mainly due to the cruise ships that now dock in the bay.

It was first mentioned in history in 168 BC, though settlement there goes back farther. It was founded by the Ancient Romans, then called "Acruvium," during which period it was part of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Its official founding date is the 5th Century BC.

Today, Kotor is renowned as a little-known gem of Europe and Eastern Europe, noted for its beauty, mountain views, bay, beaches, red tile rooftops, hilly terrain, and culture.

People Born in Kotor

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Kotor in People's Lives

Ralph FiennesI traveled here in 2010 to film scenes of the movie Coriolanus, which I starred in as well as directed.

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