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Klagenfurt is the capital city of the state of Carinthia in southern Austria, close to the German border. It is the sixth-largest city in the country. It is located on the Glan River and Lake Worthersee. 

In legend, Klagenfurt was founded in the early Middle Ages by a couple of courageous heroes who banded together to slay the "lindwurm," a dragon who resided here and fed on local virgins.

In more factual history, however, the city was founded around the 11th Century as a stronghold located on a trade route. It was first mentioned in history in the 12th Century, concerning a toll charge. The city was frequently flooded, so it was moved a few miles away to higher ground by Bernhard von Spanheim in 1246. Many consider this to be the true date of the city's founding, and consider Spanheim to be the founder of the city. 

Today, Klagenfurt is a beautiful city known for its architecture, history, lush green trees within the city limits, walking areas, downtown, university, Catholic heritage, and quality of life.

People Born in Klagenfurt

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Klagenfurt in People's Lives

Liam Neeson: I traveled here in 1991 to film scenes of the movie Shining Through. 

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