Kinsale, Ireland
Kinsale is a small town in County Cork in southern Ireland, located at the mouth of the River Bandon and also close to the sea. It is a popular holiday and vacation destination.

It was founded by the charter of Edward III in 1333.

Today, Kinsale is known for its waterfront, marine activities and economy, brightly colored buildings, pictaresque charm, and holiday destination status.

People Born in Kinsale

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Kinsale in People's Lives

James II of England: After unsuccessfully attempting to re-take the English throne with a Scottish rebellion, but being terribly defeated in battle by William III, I abandoned my supporters and this effort and fled Scotland from this city in 1690. My abrupt abandonment of those who had supported me led to me being scorned and hated through-out Scotland and Ireland. I sailed back to my Louis XIV's court in France, and never saw Great Britain again.

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